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Design & Technical Requirements

ASU’s Diagnostics Department wanted very large boxes in a grid to organize important content such as industry, events and news.

Additionally, I was tasked with replicating ASU department’s double menu header and footer without access to the code. We wanted to make this outside site look as much as possible as the other Health Sciences departments in that respect. Quite a bit of HTML/CSS customization went into this process.

Lastly, “donate” and “get involved” CTAs were important features although we determined not to place them on the homepage.


Design & Development

Important Steps

Design UI/UX for the site’s body. Use developer tools to replicate the structure the menus and footers of other ASU departments.

Fully customize menus and footers to match other departments. Install and upload media for important grids.

Install plugins (ex. Eventbrite), create custom graphics for sliders, customize events page. Create roles for professors and students.

Design WordPress manual for department. Offer tutorials to students about how to update blogs, news, events and affiliations.

Finished E-Commerce Site

ASU Diagnostics Home
ASU Diagnostics Masters in Biomedical


Collaborative Design

The team found this site to be hugely valuable to their outreach and fundraising. I continued to collaborate with ASU after launch with updates and support. ASU continues to lead in the field of diagnostics and educate via the launched site as well as other large mediums.

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