Black Owl Biochar Packaging

Black Owl Biochar

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Black Owl Biochar is an environmentally-friendly soil amendment made of 70% organic carbon. It is used in farms, gardens and water filtration. Distribution of this product includes Whole Foods, Costco and many nurseries that sell organic soil amendments.

Client needed a logo and packaging for breathable and recycle-able 1 cubic foot plastic bags as well as labels for 1.25 quart bags. Specifications included design elements, fonts, directions, SKUs and seals for organic certifications.


Design Notes

Owl Design | Color Requirements | Elements | Certifications
Black Owl Biochar Key Concepts
Black Owl Biochar Packaging Ideation 3
Black Owl Biochar Packaging Ideation 1
Black Owl Biochar Packaging Ideation 2

Printing on Plastic

Limiting Colors

One thing a business or designer learns quickly in the process of printing on plastic is that the addition of each color can make the per/bag price cost prohibitive.

Therefore, after designing the bag in Illustrator with six hex colors, I scaled the file down to a Pantone pallet of three.

This was accomplished by taking the same green and setting the transparency to 50% and 25%. This created essentially the same effect without a process that would be too expensive.

Black Owl Biochar Pantone Colors

Richmond Plastics

Richmond, BC

Printing with Richmond Plastics was the right fit for the client. Richmond Plastics is NSF Certified and makes an ongoing effort to maintain environmentally sustainable practices (ECS certified).

They do not print with inks that contain heavy metals and only print on materials that can be recycled.

Below is the file sent to Richmond plastics for print (EPS file for print required top and bottom mirror each other for print on cylinders).


Finished Products

1 Cubic Foot Plastic Bag | 1.25 Quart Labels
Amber Tribble Portfolio Black Owl Biochar Packaging
Black Owl Biochar Bags on Pallet

Black Owl Biochar bags can be found all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii where organic soil amendments are sold. Distribution includes large retail distributors as well as local nurseries and farms. I have worked with Black Owl Biochar on several additional lines of product since this collaboration.

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