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Client had recently acquired a handful of companies to diversify its product line. Company had initially thought having several domains was the solution — with a UX that required the user to “hop” between many sites. This was not only confusing but created bad data (intent to buy looked like intent to leave). Additional challenges included colors that were not AA and AAA compliant and marketing strategies that were incongruent with a best-in-class experience. Additionally, the sites had collected a lot of design debt that needed to be addressed.



In addition to creating a new design system that was AAA and AA compliant and organizing content according to IA best practices, I started with personas. After journey mapping, looking at the data and user interviews, I advocated that the site needed to have one cart, one place to purchase (instead of toggling between many domains). This resulted in a congruent experience for the user and allowed the business to upsell. Additional UX improvements included: distributed commerce and marketing strategies for 1st and 3rd party selling.

Funko Website Redesign

2020 Ecommerce (one cart) | UI | IXD | Art
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