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Global Seafoods

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Global Seafoods North America Washington-based fresh seafood distributor. After years in the wholesale business, they decided to bring fresh seafood to the end consumer via an E-Commerce site.

The company specializes in high end seafood — such as caviar — and aims to educate and delight its customers with recipes, videos and interactive features.

When approached by the client, Global Seafoods had been using WordPress as an E-Commerce solution. I had suggested Shopify for many reasons — including PCI compliance and ease of use.

Global Seafoods needed a re-brand, migration of all products and media to new E-Commerce experience as well as several customizations unique to their business and customer experience.

From Sea To Table

Client Meetings | Tasting Products

Client Meeting

Design | Development | Large Customizations

Global Seafoods very specific and detailed needs for this project. It is great how informed the company was about E-Commerce capabilities and client kept an open mind when I suggested the site migrate from  WordPress to Shopify. My goal was to make sure they had the most optimized E-Commerce experience that was PCI compliant.

A few of the client needs included: a clean, retina-ready, responsive site with a white background and complementary “Seattle” colors such as navy, light blue and green. The intent was to let the product photos create most of the visual intrigue. Client wanted a banner at the top for “Free Shipping” as well as categories of seafood in both a grid and a side menu. Furthermore, client wanted many plugin integrations — such as upsell, wholesale, subscription, alternative payment methods, newsletter, social referral savings and related items.

Lastly, client wanted product paragraphs to be justified, and assistance with recipe pages, video links (Youtube), analytics and the install of Trustpilot (customer ratings).

Below are notes from the meeting:


Design & Development

Important Steps

Redesign logo, create mood board for colors and fonts. Wireframe home, product, recipe, blog and reviews page.

Install retina-ready Shopify site. Migrate all WordPress content to new site and reorganize it within collections. Assign price, shipping, inventory to products.

Utilize Javascript for relevant plugin installation — such as upsell, newsletters, related products, special tabs, Trustpilot and others.

Assist with social media posts, chatbot integrations, app development and other post-launch needs.

Finished E-Commerce Site



Collaborative Design

This was a tremendous design/development experience — client was clear on features and customer experiences they wanted. Additionally, management at Global Seafoods was open to suggestions about best practices in organizing content, creating wireframes, optimizing media and integrating features.

Initial work was approximately 6 weeks with ongoing support — app development, chatbot development.

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