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Storyboarding is most often associated with film, commercial and television creation. However, it can be useful too in communicating customer experiences for product and services development.

It can be used to describe something that doesn’t yet exist. Additionally, it can provide a “birds eye view” about a customer experience without solution-ing too early in the process.

Furthermore, storyboards can be important visual communicators between different departments in an organization.


Many companies have pivoted from looking at development strictly from the lens of product management — customer experience management has become an important complement to the process.

At T-Mobile, I have been asked at times to take out my Wacom digital pen and storyboard environments, people and devices to show ideas rather than product features.

Here is a small sampling of those types of storyboards I have created:


Storyboard Environment T-Mobile Billboard
Alaska Air Storyboards
Amber Tribble Portfolio People


Experience, environment and persona representations can help in taking a step back from product solutions and ultimately better see what the user sees — which can inform roadmaps for better products and services.

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