MikMak Shoppable Video

MikMak: Social Shoppable Video

Art Direction | Casting | Preproduction | Shopify Integration | Video | A/B Tests

The MikMak platform hosts shoppable multi-media designed for the social video generation. It targets users comfortable buying online and those looking for paths to purchase through social media — Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. MikMak videos create trust in consumers and shortens the path to purchase with an ad in social media that leads to a clickable video that leads to e-commerce experiences.

My role in this pilot included video preproduction, casting, art direction, technical integration between video and a Shopify site as well as video communication after launch.

Video Brief

Partnership with Vossler Media

I served as the client-side art director for this project, partnering with Seattle-based media agency, Vossler Media. I assisted with casting, elements and was on set for the one-day shoot. Vossler edited the post-production. Shoot and editing took about a week.


Target Audience

Millenials comfortable buying online who use social media and shoappable videos to make buying decisions.


Upbeat, fun and fresh.


Young, fit and confident.


T-Mobile brand guidelines.

Tele-GroteskUlt font.

Clean lines.

MikMak branding to include Magenta-to-Purple gradient.

Graphical elements.

FitBit Video

Prior To MikMak Integration

Video Integration

With MikMak & Shopify

Once we had a finished video, I integrated the MikMak platform with a large e-commerce platform, Shopify. I created clickable links within Shopify so the customer could seamlessly checkout from the video. CTA buttons in the Mikmak platform directed to product pages that tracked ad traffic conversions.

Several tests were performed on ad creatives, social media platform performances (Instagram, MikMak & Facebook). Additionally,  ad-to-web versus shoppable video-to-web tests were conducted to better understand conversion events between the two experiences.


The tipping point for online video viewing appears to have been reached. Research around young people’s buying habits online, coupled with digital ad spend as well as the desire for entertaining content has created a big opportunity for shoppable videos.

Be on the lookout for ways in which shoppable videos continue to disrupt traditional media.

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