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Pure Peonies is a Washington State-based chemical-free peony farm — selling a variety of over 175 peony plants and fresh flowers. The farm always  eco-friendly amendments in the soil and produces Grade-A peony stems. They sell their products online, at farmers markets, in co-ops, on the farm, to florists and wholesalers. The company has been featured in many local publications for its variety of quality plants and cuts.

Pure Peonies’ goals included having a responsive, consistent and clean Shopify site. Additionally, the site needed to be retina-ready. Additionally, the site needed an information architecture overhaul, so that the user could easily navigate between the large inventory of plant types.

Furthermore, the site needed new features such as: calendaring availability and delivery, creating a “bundle price” and adding a wholesaler site.

Visiting the Farm

Photos & Client Meetings
Pure Peonies Farm Trip

Client Meeting

Design & Technical Requirements

Sometimes as a designer and developer, the best thing that you can do is let imagery speak for itself and get out of the way.

In the case — given the beautiful product imagery — it was best for me to keep things simple and clean and really showcase the flowers. No gimmicks, no fancy animations.

It was important to find a retina Shopify theme and really customize it in accordance with client needs. Customizations included: unique sort and display capabilities, shipping, price, inventory, calendar, grid, hover, CTA and wholesale customizations.

Pure Peonies Requirements 1
Pure Peonies Requirements 2

Design & Development

Important Steps

Find Retina-ready Shopify template to modify. Information architecture for all products (price, type, collections).

Photograph plants, flowers, farm. Crop and optimize photos. Add shipping, price, inventory, descriptions and related items.

Install relevant plugins and customize HTML, CSS and Liquid code (delivery calendar, grids, styles, hovers, CTA placement).

Create wholesale site with third-party plugin, sign up and password. Advertise on social media seasonally.

Finished E-Commerce Site

Pure Peonies Desktop Bouquets
Pure Peonies Desktop Bouquets


Collaborative Design

This process was one of collaborative design. The client knew exactly what she wanted and my contribution was finding the right resources, tools and customizations to achieve her vision.  Since initial engagement, I continue to work with the farm for promotional design, print, social media and site updates.

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