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Digital Voice Assistants

Replicating Human Interactions
Wireframes Digital Voice Assistant

Voice user interfaces are exceptionally different from graphical user interfaces. The human brain is hard wired to expect a person at the other end of a voice interaction.

Furthermore, unless there is an assistive app to complement the voice interaction, no graphical user interface exists to make the interaction any easier. There are no facial expressions, no subtitles and no call-to-action buttons.

Therefore, designing for digital voice can be a unique challenge.

Fortunately, the adoption of digital voice assistants has really taken off in the last few years and users have become more familiar with the technology.

Amber Tribble Portfolio Alexa Talk to T-Mobile

High Level User Flows

Product Features & Experiences

Voice technology design is evolving rapidly.  With voice-activated devices moving into the mainstream, many businesses — large and small — are adopting voice apps to enhance the customer experience and business.

As a part of T-Mobile Innovation’s Digital Voice pilots, I was responsible for assisting in customer experience design, happy paths and pain points, technical capabilities and limitations as well as user flows — both high level and high fidelity.

In addition to voice design principals, our team needed to account for technical integrations with other T-Mobile systems. The goal was to start small, and launch iteratively.

Amber Tribble Portfolio Alexa High Level User Flows

Once high level user flows were established, we moved on to working with copywriters and programmers to create exact language and specific flows within the app.

Tools used included: BotSociety as well as LucidChart, Illustrator and Powerpoint.

We started with T-Mobile customers to assist them with bill pay, connecting with T-Mobile CARE and educate about T-Mobile Tuesdays.

Additionally, I was tasked with creating and editing the T-Mobile Pilot 1 Video for demonstrations.

T-Mobile continues to pioneer voice technology to maximize customer delight and convenience.

Look for more iterations of the T-Mobile Digital Voice Experience in the near future.

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