T-Mobile FB Messenger Chatbot

T-Mobile Facebook Messenger Chatbot

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Chatbots — when leveraged in a user-centric way — are powerful tools for both business and consumers. Chatbots can be programed to respond flexibly to user questions and directions and can automate responses that can ordinarily become burdensome for businesses.

Some are best used to pay bills. Others are leveraged for entertainment. Others serve the purpose of answering direct questions without the need to go to a lengthy FAQ page.

In 2016, I was hired as a consultant by T-Mobile to assist with integrating a Facebook Messenger experience to a commerce one. The position evolved into creating: UI/UX, employing artificial intelligence to answer quick user questions, creating mirco-experiences (product advisor, store scheduler and chat extensions for videos).

In 2019, the product fully scaled as a big success for the company.

Chatbots For Business

Commerce Meets Conversation in Facebook Messenger

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Early Days

iFraming a Commerce UX

The initial stages of creating the chatbot involved selling one product within an iFramed Shopify solution. I was responsible for front end development to and tracking of ads and sales.

After adding to the catalog with subsequent pilots, I was tasked with understanding the questions that most frequently come into a live chat situation and discover ways to automate answers with AI (Microsoft LUIS) as well as Chatfuel (bot platform).

Then I built out the chatbot experience and managed a off-shore team to support T-Mobile calendar offers. We tracked the success of sales and A/B tested quite a bit.

Below are the steps in a nutshell.

Scaling A Digital Product


Directly link ad to Messenger and iFrame in product pages to for purchase via Shopify (Javascript, HTML, CSS).

Integrate Messenger with Chatfuel. Create approx. 20+ UI/UX conversational experiences to support T-Mobile offers. Conduct A/B testing.

Add features such as scheduling, multi-media (web extensions), product advisor, native UX & develop AI. Conduct usability studies.

Scale product for business integration. Create style guides, reports and play books for marketing, digital and commercial.

Second Commerce Pilot (2016)

Shopify | Front End | iFrames | Updates

Bot Experience Wireframes (2017)

Illustrator | Lucid Chart | Chatfuel | HTML/CSS | Microsoft LUIS

Refining The Product (2017)

Agile Sprints | Offer & Product Updates | Multi-Media | A & Tests | Usability Studies

Streamlining The Process (2018)

Templates | Working With Broader Teams | Evangelizing The Product
T-Mobile Benefits Carousel

Adoption (2019)

Training | Style Guides | Manuals


F8 and T-Mobile Demo Video


Collaborative Design

Three years of iterative work went into scaling this product and communicating its value to the business. It was a tremendous learning experience as well as success. The team that worked on it was small and scrappy — therefore we were able to function like a start-up, with each consultant wearing a lot of hats.

I was invited to the Facebook F8 Conference to help showcase the work and I predict conversational commerce to continue to grow exponentially.

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