T-Mobile Remo Demo Video

T-Mobile Remo Demo Video

Conceptual Product | After Effects

Although E-Commerce is a dominant path to purchase, many consumers still prefer to go into a retail store to make a purchase. Often, research online informs where they go, and transactions occur in the store.

Being able to support a consumer at any touchpoint, at anytime, is a hallmark of omni-channel success.

To showcase ways to unlock digitally-enhanced retail experiences, I was asked to create an informational video —  “The Remo Demo” — to showcase was was possible in an MVP store-scheduling feature. The following was created in After Effects.

Showing visually what is possible, is often a key to ascertaining funds and getting a product into a sprint.

Total time it took for this project was approximately a week. This included script writing and voice overs from the product team, audio scrubbing and post production editing.

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