User Journeys

User Journeys

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Businesses desire to create products and experiences that customers both value and love. In order to accomplish this, it is important to empathize with the customer’s wants, needs, desires and pain points.

This is why customer journey mapping has become critical in modern business.

Journey maps help businesses and organizations gain valuable insights, about their customers experiences via important touch points.

To define a user journey, it is important to also understand the marketplace and in some instances, create personas within the customer demographic.

After creating personas, UI/UX designers can visualize the customer experience and understand the highlights and pain points along the way from awareness-to-retention.

Below are examples of user journeys I created for T-Mobile’s Facebook Messenger.

Amber Tribble Portfolio Alexis Experience Map
Amber Tribble Portfolio Sesan's Experience Map
Amber Tribble Portfolio Denise's Experience Map

The Path Forward

Building Valued Products

After creating a compelling user journey, then product features and customer encounters can be defined. It is the role of a UX designer to have the experience well-understood — and to find potential blind spots — before entering the build phase.

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