Values & Process

They go hand in hand.


Process starts with a clear set of values. Here are mine:

– User-Centricity

– Can-do Attitude

– Active Listening

– Trust Building

– Congruence

– Efficient & Iterative Work

– Inclusive Design

– Effective Communication across Teams

– Efficient Use of Quantitative & Qualitative Data


Human-centered design process often supports these values:

– Discovery

– Hypothesis generation

– Identification of unknowns

– Ideation

– Decision on UX MVP

– Prototyping

– Test

– Refine

Every project has different use cases and strategic intent. Each use case may merit a unique process. I tend to favor clear, simple solutions for users to help them achieve tasks. Employment of quantitative and qualitative data is critical to understanding design and product effectiveness.

To learn more about my process feel free to contact me.

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